Driving Laws in Spain - The basics, correct documentation, correct equipment and the rules of the road. The section on roundabouts and traffic lights is essential survival reading. This guide is sponsered free of charge by a leading car shipping to Spain company Visit www.cars2spain.com

Essential Documents

1] UK road tax displayed.

2] A valid UK MoT. To obtain an MoT In Spain visit. www.motspain.co.uk

3] Insurance, minimum third party, UK, Gibraltar or Spanish company.

4] V5 log book or certified copy.

5] Valid Driving licence and a certified copy of your passport.

Keep all documents available.

Traffic Lights in Spain

WARNING If you are at a red traffic light, when it turns green, wait at least 5 seconds, then proceed with caution.

Spaniards on the whole will jump red traffic lights when they first change to red. To see 6 or more cars charging across a junction when you are on green is not uncommon.

Roundabouts in Spain

WARNING This is how Spaniards use roundabouts.

It is normal for native drivers to enter a roundabout in the outside lane, and then proceed to circumnavigate to the final exit, still in the outside lane!

British mindset says right hand lane for exiting right, or straight ahead. In Spain they will join in the right hand lane then proceed all the way around to the final exit. Try not to broadside the Spanish, the police will blame you. Even if the roundabout has two lanes painted straight across with arrows on the road.

VOSA Spain Car Transporters

This law is very strict. Any commercial car transporters in Spain must have an International Operators Licence.

UK trade plates are not accepted by the DGT, Residents cannot drive foreign registered vehicles commercially.

Recovery licences do not cover car haulage transportation

YOUR CAR CAN BE CONFISCATED IF ILLEGALY TRANSPORTED. Insist on the International Operators Licence number.

Motoring fines in Spain

Means of paying fines. As a foreigner your car will be held as security until any fines are paid. Always obtain a receipt.

If you are resident in Spain you cannot drive a foreign plated car.

Equipment-legal requirements UK car.

Replacement bulb set, advisory.

Warning triangle, law.

Flourescent Jacket for each occupant, law. Keep to hand, not in the boot.

Spare wheel, in good order with the tools to change it, or emergency repair spray solution.

No tow ropes, towing is illegal in Spain, as are A-frames.

Collecting your vehicle from the Spanish Police compound

We can assist in the release of your car from council and Police compounds. Emergency number 6471 46421

Towing fines, Cerca 160 Euros for 5 minutes up to 3 days, then daily storage accrues.

Impounded - Parking

If you find the little yellow sticker on the kerb or lamp post you have been towed

In theory, go to the compound, pay the parking fine and you are out. Cerca 160 Euros for 5 minutes up to 3 days

However a lot are manned by police, a wrong answer and your car is staying there. Read the Police questions section and Driving a UK registered car in Sapin sections first.

Impounded- No MoT

Do not drive without an Driving Law Spain

To release your vehicle you need to be legal i.e MoT , road tax, Insurance and sober with a valid drivers licence. You need your car out to get an MoT, the police will not release your car without an MoT. Contact us we may be able to mitigate your loss but this. No MoT is the worse impound scenario.

Impounded - No insurance Tax Licence DD

Spanish police have impounded your car for :- No road tax - No car insurance - Drink driving - Invalid licence -

We can assist you in getting your car released. As storage mounts up this needs to be dealt with quickly. First we will assist in obtaining the correct paperwork before we can extract your car. Admit to having a car here more than six months, heap big trouble, but we can still help.

Police Questions and Answers

Q How long has the car been in Spain? Optimal reply - I drove down from (e.g France) 3 weeks ago.

Q We have seen your car here before? Optimal reply - We visit Spain a few times a year but live in the UK.

Q But you have an NIE number. Optimal reply - for my mobile phone, I am not resident in Spain, I am a UK resident.

Have dated proof, ferry ticket other EU reciepts: fuel, accomodation, meals.

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